Monday, January 4, 2010

Using packages in SLIM to create an RGB splitter

This create a small package that splits colors to RGB or just three outputs with some simple contrast controls. 1. Import a gammaimage 2. create 3 color slbox and add a color v1 to each of them and add the following code color red = comp(v1,0); result = red; duplicate the code to green and blue substituting 0 with 1 and 2 respectively. 3. create a float spline, and rename the first knot to low, and last knot to high. 4. duplicate the spline and rename the spline to each color. ie red_spline 5. shift select the SLBOX nodes in order of R then G then B. and select the splines in order as well. 6. Right click and click on package. 7. open the package, select red_spline, publish basis, low, p0, high, p1. Do the same for GB. 8. close the package. This package takes three inputs and has simple contrast controls, it would be great if someone can add the float spline GUI inside the package.


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